A Special learning opportunity for Starter Company grads

Entrepreneurs learning

Who is it for? This is a special offer for those who have gone through the Starter Company (only).

As a long-time mentor for Starter company, I’ve supported many cohorts who have gone through the program, built their business plans (and hopefully received a grant). As I built the online version of Grow Vantage (the in-person entrepreneurial training program that has helped start-ups and growing businesses for over 17 years…

I have been inspired by the creative and innovative Starter Company grads who have built businesses. Your questions and the issues you faced influenced what I’ve created to continue to train entrepreneurs – in this area or beyond.

I’d like to say thank you by introducing a pilot price just for Starter company cohorts I’ve helped to mentor,

with a 35% reduction in course fees (and lifetime access) to a course that covers all facets of building and growing a business with weekly advice and coaching at your fingertips (not only from me, but 17 + experts who collaborated in creating the training). Fees are payable in a one-time payment, or a monthly payment over 7 months of the program

Registration: is now open: https://www.askfordirectionstraining.com/course-payment/

What will you receive? (I mean apart from a 35% discount…use “Starter” as your coupon)

  • 37 Self-study classes divided into pre-recorded bite-sized segments (of approximately 15 minutes)
  • 7 modules of training (with 5 or 6 classes each), that cover important skill development from the very beginning through growth
  • Live (over zoom) weekly group coaching to connect, ask questions, and give and receive advice. Peer mentoring is an important part of our programs
  • A private Facebook group to try out ideas and get others to weigh in – community is vital for entrepreneurs.
  • An onboarding hub that includes an assessment, downloadable roadmaps (to track your progress), transcribed and captioned classes, and resources that are keyword searchable to make finding answers easy and fast
  • A personal discovery call to identify your challenges (https://grow-vantage.appointlet.com/s/strategy-and-discovery-call):

When will the program begin?

Doors will open on May 21st and the program will begin with an initial group call on May 19th (then weekly calls after that). Once registered, you’ll be given access through our onboarding hub, to our learning platform

Registration: is now open: https://www.askfordirectionstraining.com/course-payment/

Use a special coupon (Starter) to receive a 35% discount on course fees only for Starter Company grads, when the form asks you if you have coupon.

Modules are divided into Set up and Growth

  • Set Up Your Business: covering business concept, set up and registration, initial marketing & content strategy and messaging and brand, insurance and financial guidelines including funding your business and avoiding customer debt.
  • Growth: communications skills, your own DISC personality profile, customer engagement and personal skills, sales, marketing strategy and tactical vehicles (advertising, media, PR), rules and regulations (including HR, privacy rules and contract guidelines), financial planning for entrepreneurs, accounting and cash flow, become more efficient and business canvas model.

For a list of modules – see below:

  • Module 1: Your Business Mindset and the Structure of Your Business
  • Module 2: Branding and Marketing Your Business
  • Module 3: Financial Preparation for your Business
  • Module 4: Communications and Relationship Tools and Skills
  • Module 5: Marketing Tools
  • Module 6: Protect Your Business
  • Module 7 Preparing For (More) Growth