Ask For Directions Business training…


You’ve thought about starting a business – or maybe you’ve actually started your business… and you’re finding it a little overwhelming.

You aren’t alone. When many of my clients start their businesses – they know their “stuff” but quickly discover they don’t have all the knowledge they need to set up a real business… from simple individual questions like:

  • How to stay on the good side of the tax man
  • How to navigate marketing, video and social media
  • And what are the best (and fastest) ways of getting everything done right the first time

I found Grow Vantage (the predecessor of Ask For Directions) in 2010 when we moved into the area. I loved that training and networking made it a whole lot easier. It was so important that I took over the company in 2013 – and added strategy and coaching sessions to make it even more effective. Like the founder of that program, I’m committed to helping entrepreneurs survive and thrive. It’s my mission to help new entrepreneurs develop solid businesses that help them achieve the lifestyle they desire.

The next Ask For Directions Training Course will be released in September… and for those of you who would like to prepare for becoming an entrepreneur, a Bootcamp to help you prepare will be held in September as well.

Open Zoom calls are held twice a week, if you need feedback now. They are a perfect opportunity to ask questions and check in to find out if this is a good fit for you. Contact [email protected] for the link or check out (the links are on th


Click on URL to join us free via Zoom:

Wednesdays: 8 – 9 pm (EST)

Fridays: 1 – 2 pm (EST)…virtually!

Strategy, ideas, solutions!

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Check the course line-up below!

Classes are released one module a month and group coaching calls are held weekly:

Module 1: Your Business Mindset and the Structure of Your Business

  • Establishing best practices and an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Problem – Fit – Solution: What is your business idea? What problem does it solve?
  • Validate Your Business Idea And Ideal Client
  • Do You Have Conflicts with Your Business Name? Naming our business, and time to trademark it?
  • Your Business Structure And Registration: Registering our businesses makes it official!
  • Module 1.6: Insurance: Protect Your Business Future: Check this comprehensive review of coverage.

Module 2: Branding and Marketing Your Business

  • Create Your Brand And Define What You Stand For:
  • Your Marketing Strategy: Finding Your Ideal Clients: Let’s develop the strategy you are going to use to find and serve your clients in a 7-step strategy
  • Develop Your Marketing Message: What are the key details your future clients need to know about what you offer
  • Develop your Content Strategy: Email lists and Lead Magnets: Even with the rise of social media, a necessary resource.
  • What To Do Before you Start Advertising: Advertise Where Your Customers Hang Out

Module 3: Financial Preparation for your Business

  • Develop Your Start-up And Operating Budgets: Prepare to establish your pricing by looking at the costs of running your business and your living expenses.
  • Pricing for Prosperity: Creating a Profitable Business That Supports Your Prosperous Life: This module guides you through your personal and business finances, to understand your pricing, and build a bridge between your business and your life.
  • Methods to Finance Your Start-up (Loans, Lines & Leases): Funding a start-up can be challenging. We’ll look at leasing and banks requirements.
  • Setting Up Your Books: An up-to-date set of books will help organize your finances, make taxation easier, provide information on how well your business is progressing, and help make good business decisions.
  • Survive An Audit: Developing a reliable process to record your expenses and revenues, and taxes you may owe.
  • Avoid Debt: Avoid debt through policies, terms and invoices, then what you do to deal with clients who owe you money.

Module 4: Communications and Relationship Tools and Skills

  • Understanding Personalities with DISC: Will allow you to understand how you and others react to each other, and identify communication strategies to improve the effectiveness of relationship building with others – whether personal or business.
  • Understanding Communications Styles: Another aspect of communications is the learned and natural way we process information – whether personal or business.
  • Customer Engagement: It is not enough to sell to your client without understanding how to engage them.
  • Personal Brand, Networking and Infomercials: Whether online or in person (at some point), networking is one of the most effective and cost effective strategies to meet and get to know your ideal clients.
  • C.O.R.A. Authentic Sales Conversations: Many entrepreneurs are intimidated by the sales conversation in two ways: The do not want to sound like a pushy and uncaring person and they feel uncomfortable asking for money. This method of exploring a potential client’s needs is an effective and yet comfortable process to take the “ick” out of sales.

Module 5: Marketing Tools

  • Ignite Your Socials: Social media is a vital marketing and communications tool that is ever-changing. Understanding how to use it, and the social media platforms to use, is important.
  • Your Advertising Plan: Let’s begin the process of attracting your future clients and converting them to clients.
  • Creating Video For Business: Increasingly video is a tool that can reach more people than simple words on a page or a screen and is a necessary companion to your marketing outreach.
  • Website Tips and Trends: A website is a critical factor in your credibility to future clients. Mastering the techniques you can use to attract and convert visitors to your website is an important factor in reaching clients .
  • Media and PR Strategies: Often overlooked, how to obtain media coverage, or engage in Public Relations to attract attention to your business and protect your reputation. These strategies take time to execute, but can be low cost initiatives.

Module 6: Protect Your Business

  • Managing Your Cash Flow: Understand the importance of tracking cash flow to remain financially stable, and monitor your progress.
  • Accounting and Your Relationship with the Tax Agencies: Staying on the right side of the tax people is a good policy, so understand elements of tax, and adopt tips on maintaining a positive relationship with government tax departmentslso Including how to read Financial Statements
  • Protecting Your Potential (with Personal Insurance): Personal insurance is a an important method of protecting a business owner’s most important asset – you.
  • Your Privacy Policy: Privacy is considered a right around the world and is vital for any business.
  • Protecting Yourself With Quotes & Contracts: When you are contracting services with your customers, you are both legally bound. It is critical that you understand the elements of quotes and contracts and the obligations you have.

Module 7 Preparing For Growth

  • Becoming More Efficient: From managing time to repetitive tasks, every minute counts. Let’s be as efficient as possible using systems, planning, time and apps.
  • Hiring and Expanding: When you are growing you are going to hire – because we all realize we cannot do this alone (at least not effectively). Being aware of best hiring and onboarding practices will help make this process simpler.
  • Financial Planning for Business (and Personal) Success: Financial planning is often postponed or forgotten. Understanding the ins and outs of planning and the real story of money is an important tool in developing your lifestyle.
  • Develop Your Business Canvas Model: This valuable tool to map out your business fundamentals and understand its drivers is a less complicated process than traditional business plans.
  • Planning for Growth and Exit Strategies: It may seem illogical to include a class on your exit strategy along with growth. However if you can determine a direction for your exit strategy, it will allow you to make better decisions in your business.