A Special Arrangement for those who are pivoting or need updated guidelines

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Who is it for? This is a special offer for those who have gone through the Grow Vantage program (only).

We’ve expanded the Grow Vantage program and transferred it online to Ask For Directions Training (We will keep both programs when it is safe to do so) What does it entail?

Classes have been expanded (from 23) to 37 in 7 modules that focus on Set Up and Growth sections. They are self-study and at your own pace. From 3 hour classes they are now quickly consumable classes of from 30 to 75 minutes. Classes are also sequenced from idea to future growth (and yes, we talk about exit strategies).

Weekly Group Coaching sessions during the program, that also feature our instructors whose classess are being delivered throughout the program with Patricia (who is a certified business coach). These coaching calls will allow us to share information, ideas and connections.

Private Facebook Group for Grow Vantage grads and current students, as well as Ask For Directions students. While we will maintain the Start Up and Grow Your Business Facebook Group – we will launch a working Facebook Group to use as a vehicle to share solutions and remove obstacles – where our community can be part of a confidential working group.

How will the program work?

There are 7 Modules of training in total (with 5-6 classes each). For those starting at the beginning, modules will be released once per month. But for grads – we will release the first 3 modules dedicated to set up so that you can check your current business practices (and make sure you have the fundamentals in place). After that first month, modules 4-7 will be released monthly.

When does the program begin?

Doors will open on May 21st and the program will begin with a group call on May 18th.

Registration: is now open:

And use a special coupon to receive a 75% discount on course fees only for Grow Vantage grads.


  • Set Up Your Business: 3 modules – covering business concept, set up and registration, initial marketing approach and brand, insurance and financial guidelines.
  • Grow Your Business: 4 modules – covering communications, personality profile, and personal skills, sales, marketing strategy and vehicles(advertising, media, PR), rules and regulations (including HR, privacy rules and contract guidelines), financial planning, accounting and cash flow.

For a list of classes – see below

When does the program begin?

Doors will open on May 21st and weekly coaching calls will be held Tuesday evenings from 7:00 – 8:30 pm.

Registration: Is now open

How Much Will the Program Cost? Join us for a special initial cost of only 25%

Instead of the $1997 + HST price for new people who want to join us

GV grads will receive all the parts of this program:

  • The First 3 Set Up Modules will be released (for a check in)
  • The 4 Growth Modules will be released monthly
  • Weekly group coaching calls to help you implement change
  • Peer Mentorship – connection to your GV peers
  • And Bonuses:
  • A 75% discount on the course – total price of $497 + HST (or a 5-pay plan of $115 + HST)
  • A personal discovery call to identify your current challenges! Make your appointment here:
  • This special price is closing May 25th at 11:59 pm


Module 1: Your Business Mindset and the Structure of Your Business

  • Establishing best practices and an entrepreneurial mindset: How your mindset and best practices contribute to your success. When new information is learned and integrated into our knowledge base, as with any new skill, confidence must be gained over time. In this section we will learn to recognize and apply strategies to counteract negative beliefs and their outcomes to help new business owners develop a strong, growth oriented entrepreneurial mindset.
    • Problem – Fit – Solution: What is your business idea? What problem does it solve?
    • Validate Your Business Idea And Ideal Client: As we invest time and effort in developing our businesses, checking in to see that enough people are seeking our solution is important.
    • Do You Have Conflicts with Your Business Name? Naming our business, and time to trademark it?
    • Your Business Structure And Registration: Registering our businesses makes it official!
    • Module 1.6: Insurance: Protect Your Business Future: When you are operating your business you can become liable for client issues. Check this comprehensive review of coverage. To protect your assets and your business, insuring your self for liability and Errors and Omissions is critical – even if you have done nothing wrong. Learn why.

Module 2: Branding and Marketing Your Business

  • Create Your Brand And Define What You Stand For: We cannot meet everyone face to face, so our brand represents us to everyone we don’t know yet. Before we talk to a brander or graphic designer about creating our brand, let’s look at the guidelines to keep in mind while you choose a designer, develop your brand, and create your marketing pieces.
    • Your Marketing Strategy: Finding Your Ideal Clients: Before we get into how we market your business, let’s develop the strategy you are going to use to find and serve your clients. We’ll look at a 7-step strategy to go from the beginning – right up to your message (how you will explain your product or service) and the tactics you’ll use to reach your ideal clients.
    • Develop Your Marketing Message: What are the key details your future clients need to know about what you offer? Delivering a consistent message, that let’s people know what you stand for, what you offer in your business and who you are is a critical element of being heard in the business world.
    • Develop your Content Strategy: Email lists and Lead Magnets: With the rise of social media, business owners may not appreciate the significance of using an email list of followers to increase your influence. They may also underestimate the importance of a content strategy. There are two branches to deliver online influence and attract customers through content production. One is social – but the other that affects search, and is a platform that business owners “own” is an email list. It is a method that is not going away. We’ll learn how to make use of this approach.
    • What To Do Before you Start Advertising: Advertise Where Your Customers Hang Out: With your marketing strategy in place, let’s look for solutions and find out where your future clients will find you. Whether you use social, advertising, content or video – increase your effective outreach to future clients by being where they hang out.

Module 3: Financial Preparation for your Business

  • Develop Your Start-up And Operating Budgets: Let’s prepare to establish your pricing by looking at the costs of running your business and your living expenses. This section will prepare you for your Pricing for Prosperity work, next.
    • Pricing for Prosperity: Creating a Profitable Business That Supports Your Prosperous Life: Entrepreneurs sometimes hope for revenue and then fit their life inside whatever comes. Instead, you can choose to embrace data to set up your businesses to fund a prosperous life. Pricing for Prosperity guides you through exploring your personal and business finances, understanding your pricing, and how to build a bridge between your business and your life.
    • Methods to Finance Your Start-up (Loans, Lines & Leases): Funding a start-up can be challenging. Banks usually have more stringent requirements for unproven businesses, lines of credit require equity and people are often unaware of the possibility of leasing. We’ll cover these options and open the discussion for other options.
    • Setting Up Your Books: Keeping an up-to-date set of books will accomplish 4 things. It will help organize your finances, make dealing with taxation easier, provide information on how well your business is progressing, and help make good business decisions. Starting off on the right foot will keep you out of trouble with government authorities.
    • Survive An Audit: Developing a reliable process to record your expenses and revenues, as well as any taxes you may owe. Understanding how to be able to retrieve information when you may not remember details of your transactions from years ago … or where they can be found will protect you.
    • Avoid Debt: When we extend credit to our clients, we risk holding debt for them. We discuss simple steps to avoid debt through policies, terms and invoices, then what you do to deal with clients who owe you money.

Module 4: Communications and Relationship Tools and Skills

  • Understanding Personalities with DISC: Understanding your basic and learned personality tendencies allows you to understand how you and others react to each other, as well as to identify communication strategies that will improve the effectiveness of relationship building with others – whether personal or business.
    • Understanding Communications Styles: Another aspect of communications is the learned and natural way we process information. We’ll review 4 key processing models we engage in every day, to learn how to adapt our communications styles with others – whether personal or business.
    • Customer Engagement: It is not enough to sell to your client without understanding how to engage them. Client expectations continue to increase and the way you interact with your clients can be a key factor to differentiate you from your competitors.
    • Personal Brand, Networking and Infomercials: Whether online or in person (at some point), networking is one of the most effective and cost effective strategies to meet and get to know your ideal clients. The way you present your personal brand is equally important. Finally the art of infomercials allows you to condense your key marketing message for use in any situation and helps to distill your message.
    • C.O.R.A. Authentic Sales Conversations: Many entrepreneurs are intimidated by the sales conversation in two ways: The do not want to sound like a pushy and uncaring person and they feel uncomfortable asking for money. This method of exploring a potential client’s needs is an effective and yet comfortable process to take the “ick” out of sales.

Module 5: Marketing Tools

  • Ignite Your Socials: Social media is a vital marketing and communications tool that is ever-changing. While business owners have mixed feelings about using social media, understanding how to use it, and the social media platforms to use, is important.
    • Your Advertising Plan: With your strategy in place, let’s begin the process of attracting your future clients and converting them to clients.
    • Creating Video For Business: Increasingly video is a tool that can reach more people than simple words on a page or a screen and is a necessary companion to your marketing outreach. Video does not have to be complicated, and this training gives you guidelines for becoming established on video.
    • Website Tips and Trends: A website is a critical factor in your credibility to future clients. Mastering the techniques you can use to attract and convert visitors to your website will be an important factor in reaching clients (particularly with current focus online).
    • Media and PR Strategies: One strategy entrepreneurs often overlook is how to obtain media coverage – or to engage in Public Relations activities to attract attention to your business and protect your reputation. These strategies take time to execute, however they can be low cost initiatives. We’ll review a number of possible media and PR approaches.

Module 6: Protect Your Business

  • Managing Your Cash Flow: Understand the importance of tracking cash flow to remain financially stable, and monitor your progress.
    • Accounting and Your Relationship with the Tax Agencies: Staying on the right side of the tax people is a good policy, so understanding the elements of tax, and adopting tips on maintaining a positive relationship with government tax departments is a good strategy.
    • Protecting Your Potential (with Personal Insurance): Personal insurance is a an important method of protecting a business owner’s most important asset – you.
    • Your Privacy Policy: Privacy is considered a right around the world and is vital for any business. There are Canadian protocols (which are being updated) as well as European and US protocols to review and ensure your practices are consistent with best practices. A template will help you easily apply these policies.
    • Protecting Yourself With Quotes & Contracts: When you are contracting services with your customers, you are both legally bound. It is critical that you understand the elements of quotes and contracts in your business and the obligations you have.

Module 7 Preparing For Growth

  • Becoming More Efficient: From managing time to managing repetitive tasks, every minute counts when you are starting or scaling up your business. Let’s share how we can be as efficient as possible using systems, planning, time and apps
    • Hiring and Expanding: When you are growing you are going to hire – because we all realize we cannot do this alone (at least not effectively). Being aware of best hiring and onboarding practices will help make this process simpler.
    • Financial Planning for Business (and Personal) Success: Financial planning is often postponed or forgotten. Understanding the ins and outs of planning and the real story of money is an important tool in developing your lifestyle.
    • Develop Your Business Canvas Model: This valuable tool to map out your business fundamentals and understand its drivers is a less complicated process than traditional business plans. We’re going to look at it in 3 parts in this section, completing your handout according to the master guide in your portal.
    • Planning for Growth and Exit Strategies: It may seem illogical to include a class on your exit strategy along with growth. However if you can determine a direction for your exit strategy, it will allow you to make better decisions in your business as you go along. Growth is your focus now and we’ll look at strategies to help you along the way.