Free Business Launchpad event…. part 1 (Tuesday November 8th) and part 2 (Thursday November 10th)

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If you want to start a business… but it seems a little risky right now…

You might not want to risk the family finances if you have a paycheque coming in

You may feel like you are doing unimportant work – or you are in a dead end… but it’s a job

But what if you feel more like this?

  • Your expertise is not respected, especially if you’re working long hours and maybe filling in for others too.
  • You are working hard to fulfill someone else’s dream
  • You cannot define your role and the work you are doing is not what you’ve dreamed of
  • You have a difficult workload and the stress level is inhumane
  • You have no control over changes in the organization
  • You aren’t in control…period

Making the decision to leave your job can be complicated when you aren’t sure how to bridge the gap between corporate life and what comes after.

Join us for two training sessions: The Business Launch pad. This free training will help give you some perspective on how to start or start planning your business and answer your questions about the transition from corporate to entrepreneurship, so you can go forward with confidence.

So if your mind is filled with doubts and worries, such as:

“I’m not sure about the focus of my business – should I just do what I was doing in my corporate job, or do I have a passion or purpose I want to explore?”

“How do I even start a business? What do I need to do first, second, third? What traps and mistakes do I need to avoid?”

“What if I don’t have what it takes to be a successful business owner? What if I fail, and lose money instead of earning a profit?”

Rest assured, this summit is designed specifically for you and will lay all of those concerns to rest.

You see, the problem is not a lack of information. If you were to Google “how to start a business,” you’d find plenty of information. Too much information, in fact. 

The real problem is excessive information without enough guidance or step-by-step instructions on which actions you need to take in what order. It’s difficult to make progress when you don’t have the confidence or experience to decide what needs to be done!

I get it. You’re fed up, passed over, and stuck in a job that doesn’t do anything to create a more fulfilling life. You are tired of feeling overworked, underpaid and just not appreciated.

Are you called to do work that is meaningful and has an impact on others – on the world – instead of what lands on your desk? I was there too. You may not have decided to leave your job to start a business yet … but you’ll know you’re almost ready when you start dreading going to work on Mondays… on Sunday morning.

Join us Tuesday November 8th and Thursday November 10th at 1:00 pm Eastern for free training to bridge that gap (and an additional gift for attendees.)

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