Patricia Dent
Ask For Directions Business Training:
Startup Roadmap and Growth Training

A business coach and entrepreneurial trainer, I have led over 7,500  training and coaching sessions to help entrepreneurs design, build and launch their businesses. To help my students achieve the life they desire, I evolved my coaching business into an effective startup training model that combines training and coaching. I brought together a team of talented entrepreneurs who bring real life and technical experience in their fields. Together we transform individuals (and corporate escapees) into entrepreneurs who avoid the risk of delays and costly mistakes. And support them through all the stages of their development!

Business Mentor & CEO
Ask For Directions
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Corinne Boudreau (she/her)
Legal Guide

Corinne is on a mission to help people in Canada grow their businesses by explaining the legal essentials.  Corinne is an experienced small business lawyer and has been practicing business law since 2002.  Corinne created the online community Online Legal Essentials because she wanted to make Canadian legal information and tools more accessible to business owners.

Corinne is originally from Cape Breton and lives in Halifax, NS with her spouse Martin and two kids.  When not driving kids around, Corinne is likely playing hockey or music with her band. Corinne’s motto is “Work Hard. Have Fun. Give Back.

Online Legal Essentials Inc.

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Christie Buckley (she/her)

Christie Buckley, is a serial entrepreneur and community volunteer, a  connector and a strong support for other business owners and community members. Buckley & Associates Inc. is a full-service accounting, bookkeeping and taxation firm that also offers business coaching and training in group and one-on-one sessions. Her 3000 sq. ft. facility features co-working and event space. Savvy Learning Solutions Inc. is a Learning Community that offers programming to entrepreneurs, as well as a concierge approach to funding and support opportunities.

Founder and Managing Director, Buckley and Associates

Executive Curator, Savvy Learning Solutions Inc. / Savvy Community

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Karen Collacutt

Karen Collacut (She/Her)
Pricing for Prosperity: Creating a Profitable Business that Supports Your Prosperous Life

Entrepreneurs hope for revenue and then fit their life inside whatever comes. Instead, entrepreneurs can choose to embrace the data to set up their businesses to fund a prosperous life.

Karen Collacutt (She/Her)  
Co-Founder, Director of Operations

Big Blue Door for Entrepreneurs

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Innisfil, ON

Sarah Collins
Setting Up Your Books and Surviving An Audit

Bookkeeping is more than just You Pile It, I File It. My clients know that when they have questions, need clarity or a direction, I am available, and will guide them. Not only do they have peace of mind knowing their bookkeeping is up to date, they can sleep at night knowing they have the resources they need to succeed. 

Owner, Office Simplified
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Anthony De Gasperis
Website Tips & Trends

Anthony has always been able to solve challenges in high pressure situations. He’s capable of slowing down and analyzing the available options while still moving at a high pace. He has over a decade of experience in web strategy, development and SEO and has provided coaching services with organizations like Digital Main Street, Small Business Centre of Barrie, Simcoe County and Orillia and Sandbox Centre. He’s also committed his time to the business community by serving on the Board of Directors with the Barrie Chamber of Commerce. Anthony is also involved in the local community by volunteering as a non-parent youth hockey coach.

Talis Creative
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Jennifer Ellis
Hiring and Expanding

“Using human capital to drive your business forward, we’ll look at your short and long term goals to develop a people strategy that’s aligned to your vision. Offering solutions in recruitment, talent, and pay strategies, we’ll work together to ensure your compliant with the law and reducing risk to your business.” 

Human Resources Professional
Fly Forward
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Heather Hill
Protect Your Future (Prevent Liability)

I love to hear about my clients’ work and how I can provide advice and education on where they may be vulnerable, how they can protect themselves and how they can grow their business with or without insurance. I give them advice to help them navigate the world of insurance, so that they can decide how they want to proceed.

Farm and Commercial Specialist (Broker)
Insurance Store
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T: 705 737 5160 ; 1-833-745-0299

Teena Sauve
Intro to DiSC + Your Report Course

Meet Teena (she/her), an award-winning entrepreneur with a passion for building connections, especially through the lens of DiSC theory. Armed with a diverse background in healthcare, product development, client relations, and marketing, Teena founded Botree to unlock businesses’ hidden potential. Through her 20+ years experience applying DiSC communication theory, Teena helps entrepreneurs build cohesive teams and foster open dialogue, crucial for innovation and growth. Her approach, combining expertise with a touch of honest relatability, creates productive work environments where creativity thrives, making her an invaluable asset to any entrepreneurial venture. Teena can speak to the applications of DiSC theory from leadership, to productive conflict, customer experience to sales, using real storytelling that details the successes and failures of communication in the workplace.


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Karen Kessler, Instructor

Karen Kessler,


Founding Partner at Big Blue Door, Director, Next-Level Leader Centre for Excellence, Speaker, Author, and Chief of Silliness

KK (Karen Kessler) is an accomplished and celebrated trainer. She applies her humour and expertise to prepare Leaders ready to increase their impact and reach in this world; those Leaders committed to connect deeply and inspire life-long change. Karen’s research and exploration into leadership, motivation, inspiration, and the human brain/body/soul connection have created an understanding of what she calls the Next-Level Leader – A leader that has expanded on their natural leadership talent and brings a focus on mastering the skill sets while they foster leadership in others. Karen is known for her ability to take complex concepts and create engaging and fun online/hybrid programs that weave understanding and skill development. Current programs focus on the skills required to create lead generation mini-courses, authentic and effective sales, and building capacity personally and for others.

Big Blue Door Virtual Network


Innisfil, Ontario Canada Tel 705.718.6307Companies
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Julia Kwinter, CPA, CBV, CFF
Valuation Guide

Online educator, CFO, CPA, forensic accountant, and valuation expert who always untangles the confusion surrounding financial fine print, Julia Kwinter teaches business owners and service providers the steps to understand and maximize business value. We’ll get you all the information you need to move forward, in finances and in life.

Sarah Lajeunesse and Apryl Munro
Ignite Your Socials

We believe your brand story is best told when it has original photos, engaging videos, well written posts and community interaction. Social media is the perfect platform to build a relationship with the public in an open, honest, transparent way!  

TKL Media creates engaging content for your brand — and not just simple pictures. We use an influencer’s approach for all our clients’ social media. Building that relationship with your community is the best way you can tell your brand story and communicate what it is you can do for them. 

Andrea Stenberg

Andrea Stenberg
Video Marketing Strategist

Andrea Stenberg is a video marketing strategist, helping coaches and other heart-centered entrepreneurs explode their visibility, show off their expertise and get new clients using video.

Can you imagine getting on a sales call with someone who is already convinced to buy before you even open your mouth? That’s what’s possible with a strategic video strategy. If you don’t know what to say, hate how you look and are intimidated by the technology, Andrea helps you quickly and confidently make client attracting videos. Stop making it up as you go along and start using a proven video strategy to attract new clients.

Andrea J. Stenberg,

Video Marketing Strategist

(519) 377-3223

Ryan Duncan, Talis Creative

Ryan Duncan


Moving to Barrie at the age of 7 I discovered my love for art. But I didn’t enroll at Georgian College for Graphic Design until I decided to return to school after spending years in construction…

It was difficult and demanding, yet I excelled in my studies, graduating from the rigorous three-year program at the top of my class. My dedication earned me a coveted spot on the Dean’s list and even a scholarship show winner. A pretty big deal for someone who was never good in school.

After graduation, I joined a boutique design agency in Barrie, where I had the privilege of working with businesses of all sizes. It was during this time that I discovered my true calling – branding. Through branding, I found a way to blend my problem-solving skills with my creativity to help people and companies uncover and express their unique value.

Later on, I made the decision to strike out on my own and co-founded TALIS Creative with my brother-in-law, Anthony. Today, I split my time between TALIS Creative and teaching graphic design at Georgian College. 

TALIS Creative

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Breanne Malczyk

Marketing Strategies/Digital Marketing

I am Breanne, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Soleil Media Group. Armed with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Media Studies, my professional journey spans nearly six years in the corporate marketing sector. During this time, I discerned a significant void in the services offered by marketing agencies to businesses.

In response to this insight, I embarked on the entrepreneurial path, establishing my own company with the singular mission of empowering entrepreneurs to craft effective marketing strategies that yield tangible results. My approach revolves around an in-depth analysis of their existing marketing endeavors, followed by the collaborative development of sustainable methodologies. These methodologies not only facilitate business growth but also unlock the full potential of digital marketing.

Breanne Masczyk

Marketing Specialist

Phone: (416) 986-3901

Email:[email protected] 

Sam Robertson
Financing Your Startup Business (Loans Lines and Leases)

As part of a team of Small Business Advisors who are here to help you and your business succeed, my approach is simple. I will work with you and take the time to listen, understand your unique business needs and what defines success for you. As your partner, I will recommend tools and resources to support your business and develop a comprehensive plan to achieve your goals.

Small Business Advisor, Scotiabank
[email protected]
705.726.3700 x4300

Conny Lee
Entrpreneurial Money Mindset & Increasing Efficiency

Conny Lee is an Online Business Consultant for Coaches & Service Providers, a Holistic Narrative Career Practitioner and a Sacred Money Archetypes Coach helping women to create businesses and lives they actually desire. 

Online Business & Small Teams Consultant | Online Business Manager | Certified Holistic Narrative Career Practitioner | Certified Trauma of Money Facilitator | Intro Human Design Reader | Certified Sacred Money Archetypes Coach

[email protected]

Leasing Class Designed by Julianne Spurling

Delivered by Patricia Dent

Valuation Guide Your Startup Business (Loans Lines and Leases)

Equipment leasing through a broker is an alternative financing strategy that many entrepreneurs are not aware of. By leasing new or used equipment they can start earning money with the equipment they need right away, save their capital and potentially expense the monthly cost of the lease.