Do you want to teach Ask For Directions Business Training?

What is the program?

Ask For Directions Business Training is an organization that uses an effective combination of coaching and business training to help new start-ups and entrepreneurs set up and grow their new businesses. We help them reduce the risk of failing through knowledge and empowerment.

What’s included in Licensing the program?

An online license is unlimited (there are also licenses for geographic regions where meeting in person is a critical element of business growth, (when meeting in person is possible).

Coach trainees learn coaching competencies and review the client program step by step to become familiar with business principles. Through this time they receive coaching while they walk through the solid coaching principles (based on the International Coach Federation) to the process of learning for new and growing entrepreneurs.

Weekly coaching calls allow for the exchange of ideas and approaches among licensees as well as the critical practice sessions to hone skills.

The client program is done for you, on a learning management platform that is already set up. As material changes, trainings are updated.

Do you have to be familiar with all subjects? No! You will learn this material too.

What’s included in the client-facing program?

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Our approach uses both theoretical and practical guidelines for how to set up and grow a business. It is an approach that allows clients to gain both an understanding of business principles as well as the way they can practically apply that knowledge.

  • Eight client-facing learning modules contain pre-recorded lessons that train entrepreneurs in:
    • Marketing to their clients,
    • Effective communications and other business skills,
    • A respectful sales process,
    • Regulatory guidelines, and
    • Setting up and tracking business finances.
  • Trainers are themselves entrepreneurs and experts in their fields, with an understanding of how to apply their business expertise and experience to developing businesses.
  • Coaches lead weekly calls to help their clients clarify and apply what they learn to their businesses. Feedback and guidance allows clients to apply what they learn and work through barriers. Expert instructors are encouraged to participate where this is desirable.
  • Coach training for the client-facing modules and a learning process that anticipates client areas of friction, brings coach trainees up to speed with the material. Having experts in place to teach the breadth of subjects allows coach trainees to focus on that all-important coaching role to help facilitate client learning.

What kind of impact can you have by leading new entrepreneurs?

You can help the people you coach through your courses…
to ultimately:

  • Create their dream and make it real
  • Find their calling 
  • Design their own life
  • Embrace their own kind of freedom…
    of place, of time, of income

…while you build a business for yourself that helps you achieve your dreams as well.

In practical terms, you can help them avoid mistakes they don’t even see coming as new entrepreneurs, while they define their future and embrace success. You can be a part of this transformative experience in which coaching is the secret ingredient – the difference that allows learning to become transformational!

What happens if entrepreneurs don’t get that support?

Without guidance and coaching support, the opportunity for new entrepreneurs to make costly mistakes that can delay or prevent success is widespread. And the impact of a pandemic means higher risk for many would-be entrepreneurs. Starting a business should not be this great a gamble.

Without guidance starting a business can be a failed experiment and a failed dream.

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How do you know it’s right for you?

You were born to teach AND guide. Even if you are not currently certified as a coach… you are willing to learn and achieve accreditation.

  • You want to share your own future… and fulfill your own work and purpose
  • You want to control your own schedule and increase your earnings
  • And you would like to do this all – with a program you don’t have to create! A done-for you program that has been successful for 16 years!

Ask For Directions Training has applied for International Coach Federation (ICF) CCE Accreditation

At the end of your training, when you have met the review and coaching requirements of the program, you could be eligible to start supporting new entrepreneurs. The final training is all about launching your own business and marketing it and if you are already accredited with ICF, you can earn your required CCE credits all at one time.

What’s the Investment?

We’ve taken out most of the costs of launching a new business.

  • We have a lifetime investment in an easy-to-use learning management platform that will be there as long as you are, that allows you to add your own courses, and that includes technical support for you and your students… value $6,000 US
  • We have crafted and produced hours of training in everything a start-up needs to be successful – a unique offering…. Value $10,000 US
  • We have smoothed out the technical application to ensure the program is easy to use and that you can get any help you need – when you need it…. Value $5,000 US
  • We have developed a brand and marketing materials that will help smooth your approach in attracting clients. And we’ll share the approaches that have been successful…. Value $3,000 US

That is a total of $24,000 in start up investment that is already done for you.

What’s left?

Your training and access to the materials so that you can launch your own business.

The training fee to become accomplished in guiding entrepreneurs through the program is: $5,000 US that includes your training, weekly guidance during the program, guidance in developing your own market (our last module of the training) and the process of accreditation.

Once accredited, an annual licencing fee will apply to access and begin your own training business. The $10,000 US fee is recoverable from fewer than 10 students – depending on how you price your course (we will suggested price range to help you – but ultimately this is your decision). It also includes ongoing quarterly check-ins with other coaches as well as help to transition to this position of leadership.

Do you think this might be for you?

Or do you have any questions?

Let’s have a free Discovery call together. Use this link to my schedule and let’s talk about your goals.

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If you already know this is for you, here is the link to the online platform to begin the process of changing others’ lives:

Whatever your next step, I wish you great success!