Resources – mARKETING

Here are the initial questions to ask when we go back to the beginning to confirm your ideal market and their characteristics

Part 1: About you…. Your why/motivation

What is your why? (For what you do). Do you have a mission, purpose or passion?

Part 2: Describe the ideal customer group you want to work with (whether you started with this group, or your product/service: who will you work with?

Part 3: Analyze your existing “great clients” attributes: do these help define your ideal client?

Their personality? (For example, I know a business that teaches marketing to Introverts)

Their experiences? (For example, single parents? Those who have trained in a field, e.g. coaches)

Their ideas? Mindset? Approach? (Law of Attraction? Flat Earth Society?)

Their values?

Their beliefs? What is important to them?

The way they communicate?